Musculoskeletal ultrasound and regional nerve blocks in upper extremities

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The development of high-frequency linear array transducers has led to an improvement in the resolution of ultrasonography (US), and thus, US can nowadays satisfactorily depict most of the musculoskeletal disorders. Although MRI is very accurate and superior for imaging musculoskeletal tissues and nerves, it is expensive, takes more time, and may have artifacts. Deformities in the upper and lower extremity can usually be visualized without much difficulty with the US. The primary musculoskeletal US course aims to consolidate standardized musculoskeletal US scanning methods according to Euro-MUSCULUS/USPRM guidelines.


1. Basic Scanning rules (According to Euro-MUSCULUS/USPRM)
2. Shoulder protocols (According to Euro-MUSCULUS/USPRM)
3. Elbow protocols (According to Euro-MUSCULUS/USPRM)
4. Wrist protocols (According to Euro-MUSCULUS/USPRM)
5. Knee protocols (According to Euro-MUSCULUS/USPRM)
6. Ankle and Foot protocols (According to Euro-MUSCULUS/USPRM)