How Can I Use

i) Website: Sonoschool’s website;

ii) Online Lecture: Theoretical lectures that registered candidates can view on website whenever they want.

iii) Practical Session: After completing online lectures of each module, candidates will have right to join one full day practical hands-on training given by trainers one-by-one. There will be three different pratics rooms with live mannequins for each practice day. After this practical session, every candidate should send videos of five cases from his/her clinical practice to editorial board to be evaluated.

iv) Finishing Course: Candidates who completed the modules will have right to join finishing course (summer school). This course will last for three days and include theoretical and practical exams. There will be osce stations, viva stations and real-case scenarios, also.

v) Lecturer: Physicians that give on-line educations and hands-on trainings for Sonoschool.