Mission and Vision

The SonoSchool of EPAT is the first emergency ultrasound school in Turkey, it was established in 2016. Over the past few months, the Faculty has grown in number and capacity to be the first leading sonography school in the region and the center of ultrasound education in the Middle East Countries. Sonoschool aims to give an efficient and reliable bedside US education that makes a clinical difference on Physician’s healthcare practise. Sonoschool’s efficiency is dedicated both in theoretical and practical meanings.

Our aims are to improve Primary, Emergency, Critical Care Medicine and clinical medicine by incorporating ‘point-of-care’ US into Clinical Practice and also bring the quality “Point-of-care” US to the patient in all out-of-hospital and in-hospital “critical” scenarios, by developing and fostering, on a global and multi-disciplinary basis, US Education, technological Development, Evidence-based Research, and International Teamwork.
Sonoschool aims to achieve the following scientific and social goals:

1) To identify clinical scenarios characterized by clinical and environmental constraints, where US, when implemented and incorporated into patient point-of-care (“point-of-care US”), represents a critical added value (“critical US”) in order to improve management, performance and outcome.

2) To identify US applications within extra-hospital and in-hospital scenarios, consistent with prevention, triage, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of the patients, from primary assessment and stabilization to definitive treatment and “follow up”.


Sonoschool’s mission is to give an efficient, fast, Internationally accepted bedside US education.


Sonoschool’s vision is to give bedside US education in a new fashion, make a clinical difference on Physician’s clinical practice and take the US education beyond today’s limits.